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Airbnb Homes Listing Cards

I was the sole designer on the listing cards team, which exists on almost every surface on our platform. I worked across 8 teams to ship a bookings positive listing card and built out a framework that allowed teams to contribute to the listing card product surface area

Role: Design, Prototyping, Systems Thinking, Research
Partnerships: PM, Eng, Content Strategy
Timeline: 6 Months

Jumpstart Communities

As the sole designer on the candidate team, I launched the communities product to connect candidates and students. This doubled our user growth and led us to a successful Series B. As apart of this launch, I conducted research, created the taxonomy and designed & prototyped over 5 features across desktop and mobile. Furthermore, I managed a contract illustrator to produce 20 illustrations for our initial communities and created illustrations myself for blank states. Beyond the product, I also designed the marketing page and a variety of marketing assets for our launch

Role: Design, Research, Prototyping, Information Architecture, Art Direction
Partnerships: PM, Eng, Illustrator
Timeline: 2 Months

Jumpstart Communities Creation

Designed the community creation experience and conducted user testing. Today we have over 50 created communities utilized by both candidates and recruiters. This launch also included added in more moderator abilities for our community creators, such as editing their community and inviting members. As apart of this work, I codified inputs and fields that have been used across many other projects

Role: Design, Research,
Partnerships: PM, Eng
Timeline: 3 weeks

Airbnb Travel Stories

Launched travel stories as a growth initiative to increase user acquisition as well as generate user content to power our marketing and product pages. Beyond designing the product with a team, I manually created 40 videos from users' video footage to seed the product. We ended up collecting over 200 stories and thousands of hours of video content,

Role: Design, Prototyping
Partnerships: Design Lead, PM, Research
Timeline: 6 Months

Airbnb Product Detail Page

Collaborated with designers on the product detail page team to create the future of listing cards. We user tested the prototyped concepts in Europe, and utilized the learnings to improve core features on the page and inform the large company redesign. Many of the designs also went to our R&D team where they are working on bringing the designs to life

Role: Design, Prototyping, Systems Thinking, Interaction Design, Storytelling
Partnerships: 3 designers, 1 PM
Timeline: 1 Month

Jumpstart Profile Creation & Profile Redesign

Redesigned the profile creation flow for our candidate users. Our old flow was designed for students specifically we wanted to broaden it up as apart of our strategy to acquire industry users. Beyond just broadening it, I touched up our sign up flows and created more intuitive form selections.

As apart of the same industry initiative, I also redesigned our profiles to be more broad and inclusive. This included interviewing recruiters to understand what information they need to make a decision. Through a survey, we also discovered that our old profiles were worse than the resume to candidates because we were missing fields so this redesign encapsulated that. Therefore, with the profile redesign, we worked on what a recruiter sees, what another candidate sees and how a candidate would edit their own profile

Role: Design, Prototyping, Systems Thinking, Interaction Design, Storytelling
Partnerships: 3 designers, 1 PM
Timeline: 1 Month


Created search cards and pages to represent to grow our customer base and target segments of users. I worked across 9 collections and made sure that they felt diverse as a set in race, age, gender and locations. This work was featured in a huge company launch that was announced by the CEO

Role: Design, Art Direction
Partnerships: Design lead, Eng, Photography
Timeline: 2 Months

Various Illustration & Brand Work

During my time in the art department, I illustrated and branded internal & external events, marketing assets/page, email templates, and social assets

Partnerships: Creative Directors, Art Directors, Producers

Toronto Film Festival

Created a post card experience for the Toronto Film festival that generated 30k impressions and $10k donations to the MakeAWishFoundation

Role: Design, Illustration, Event Design, Branding
Partnerships: Creative Director
Timeline: 1 week